Pontus J. Back

Classic- & Southern Rock from The Rockin’ Reverend

The Rockin’ Reverend, Pontus J. Back from Vasa Finland have been working on his fifth solo album since December last year. This time most of the recordings have taken place at home in the living room. Together with hitmaker Janne Hyöty they have worked on the material to a ready and rockin’ product, ”Rock Force One”. A new album with 13 new originals.

- I got a recording program for Christmas and I started to practise recording at home. At the time time new riffs and ideas came to me and I started to write new material. For me it is very important that the songs have a message. On the other hand I do not want to scare anyone away from listening to the album with being religious or too spiritual. Thes are songs about live, experiences and messages from the word of God.

Before Pontus used to tour with members from bands such as Whitesnake, Status Quo, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet to name a few. Now he feels that he found his way back to himself and his guitar based rock and roll. The album has two ballads.

- This time I have had completely free hands. No one have told me how to play or how to sing. I have been able to do it the way I have felt comfortable with. This record is not polished or over produced. I have found the way back to myself musically and it feels great. The main thing is the groove and the riffs. The ballads are emotional. One of them is about that we all have a different past. When we turn to God the best is yet to come. The other one is a story about a good friend and brother in Houston, Texas about how he found Jesus next to his bike in his garage a dark and cold night.

In the middle of October Pontus is on his way on a missions trip to the USA. This is something he does twice a year. The record will be released by then and before that a digital single with two tracks will be released.

- There are still people who want to buy a physical record. Most of the records we sell on concerts and meetings. The truth is that I give away more than I sell, to people I feel need to listen to the message.

In February 2007 Pontus had an encounter with Jesus. At this time he laid on his deathbed at the hospital in Vasa, Finland. It was just a question of time when his life was going to end. His organs were shutting down because of his lifestyle with drugs and heavy drinking but God had another plan.

- Honestly I should not be here. I should be dead according to science. It is just grace and love from our Heavenly Father. When I look back at the time before Jesus and how I lived back then I know that this is the only right way. Every single day is a day of grace. I have served the Lord and been out sharing my life story full-time for twelve years now. I could never have imagined that God could use someone like me, Pontus says.


Pontus J. Back - Rock Force One (CD)
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